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picture of Chet

Singer, guitarist, songwriter


known as C.T. has been a

mainstay on the San Luis

Obispo, California music scene

simce the mid-seventies.

CHET fronted the popular

rock and soul band

"Fat and Sassy," rouring California and the Western United Stastes. He later formed his own group, "Chester," and released his first album.

Through the eighties and nineties, he fronted "Fast Mickey," "Fatz" and "CT and the Detroit Power." These bands opened shows for many nationally known artists.


In recent years, CHET has performed regularly with TOMMY LEE NUNES and their first CD, "CT and TOMMY LEE," was released to excellent reviews in 2005.


Currently, you'll find him working on a new CD project with TOMMY LEE performing as an acoustic duo and with the rock band, "Typecast."



picture of Tommy


TOMMY LEE NUNES is a San Luis Obispo county native who's career as a professional musician dates back to the

1960’s, when his band,

“The Sentinels,” was signed to a recording contract with Del-Fi Records. The single, “Latina,” from their first

album, charted and they toured nationally with other "surf" bands of the time. 


TOMMY LEE also toured with folk artist, Ian Mathews, in the 1970’s. 


A gifted guitar player, song writer and singer, TOMMY LEE now plays regularly at local venues and spends a good deal of time creating paintings, showing and selling his artwork. 

You can hear TOMMY LEE play every Friday evening with musical partner, CHET HOGOBOOM, at 1865 Restaurant in San Luis Obispo. 

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No one knows from where he came.

He just "showed-up," carrying a Fender Precision bass and an amp that actually worked. He could hit the 1 and the 5,

add some on-pitch harmonies, he owned a P.A. and a van.

He was immediately put to work.

That was 35 years ago. He rocks on.


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